Facts about Saare County

Facts about Saare County

Population: 31 815 (2013)
Population density: 10.9 inhabitants/km2
Area: 2,922 km2 – 6.5 % of the total territory of Estonia
Regional centre: Kuressaare

Distances from Kuressaare

  • Kuressaare to Tallinn – 143 km, about 40 minutes by plane, 4 h by car (international airport, international ferry port)
  • Kuressaare to Helsinki – 230 km, about 6 h by car
  • Kuressaare to Riga – 263 km, about 6 h by car

Business support organisations:

Saaremaa Development Center

Saaremaa Development Center belongs to the network of county development centers. We provide free of charge consultations for potential, start-up and operating companies, non-governmental organisations and local authorities.

Open hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9AM - 4PM

Friday: 9AM - 12PM


For consultation, please make an appointment in advance:




Torni street 1, Kuressaare 93812

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