Business Environment

Foreign-owned companies

70 companies belonged to foreign owners in 2012. The biggest of these are linked to major FDI in the county. The largest foreign-owned companies operate in the manufacturing industry and their output is exported. These are Enerpoint Saare OÜ (electronics industry), AS Luxury Yacht (small craft construction), Trelleborg Industrial Products Estonia OÜ and OÜ Merinvest (rubber details), Ionix Systems OÜ (wiring systems), and Saare Frydendahl OÜ (fishing nets).

Sales revenues

Are more than EUR 530 million per year, of which approximately one third is exported. There are 250 exporting firms.

Saaremaa Development Center

Saaremaa Development Center belongs to the network of county development centers. We provide free of charge consultations for potential, start-up and operating companies, non-governmental organisations and local authorities.

Open hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9AM - 4PM

Friday: 9AM - 12PM


For consultation, please make an appointment in advance:



Torni street 1, Kuressaare 93812

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